Find out what determines the cost of site development
and how to manage it
or more interesting:
Select standard ingredients:
Price also depends
on the toppings
and size
or a bigger, multi-page
For example, a pizza on buckwheat dough will be more expensive than a regular pizza.
The same with a website: unique illustrations or online payment will increase its cost
Pepperoni or ham, just like the standard blocks on the site,
You can get a smaller pizza -
a lending page
gorgonzola, capers, as well as on the website you can choose unique blocks
Also, the complexity
of the preparation
will affect the cost
Creating a website
it's like ordering
a pizza.
The cost of each website is individual
It depends on the project, size and technical capabilities
One-page website ( Landing)
(1 week)
from 800 €
1 500 €
from 3 000 €
from 2 000 €
Multi-page website
Take the test and get an offer